Mrs. Peacock in the parlor with a pistol

No, that’s not who done it. It’s still a mystery.

Mystery quilt that is. That’s what I started this week. For those of you who don’t know what a mystery quilt is… Sign up to make something that will be a quilt but who knows what it will look like in the end. Once a month new instructions are given and the quilter does a bit more sewing. At the end of maybe 6 months and 6 sets of instructions, here is a quilt top.

I am doing the “Dancing With the Squares” mystery with my quilt guild, Merrimack Valley Quilters. The designers, Ann and Mary who are quite talented, have told us that the quilt will end up 63″ x 81″ (twin size). They have also said I need dark, medium, background, accent, and border fabrics. This is what I’m using…

I won’t tell you which is which except that I’ve already ignored one of the instructions: my “dark” is the whitest of whites! It will be interesting using this dark royal blue monochromatic palette, not being able to envision the finished quilt. From the left, fabric 1 and 3 are “Halcyon Days” from Andover Fabrics, and 2 is Timeless Treasures, and 4 is Fabric Traditions. You likely won’t see this again until I finish the project sometime next spring.

Because the project is going to take so long… Important TIP… I’m keeping it organized. I did all the cutting this week (oh my aching shoulder) and labelled the pieces with sticky notes, popped them in baggies, and loaded all including scraps and extra fabric into a storage box.

Don’tcha just love a new blade? No, not for chopping veggies, but that’s pretty good too. No, not for shaving the stubble, but those results are nice. Of course I mean for my rotary cutter. Especially when the old blade was just tearing up the fabric and leaving me cussing. I used my new blade and glided through layers of lovely cotton, slicing and dicing for this Mystery Quilt. Is it time for you to get a new blade??


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