Friday’s Opinion

Friday's opinion

I tried out a few layouts on my design floor for this new quilt. I have been working on the rows all summer following Becky’s row round robin project (really a mystery row quilt). She is at Every 2 weeks or so we got a new row to do. Very easy. Now its time to put it all together.

Anyways… Friday is the name of our cat in that picture and his opinion, as is obvious in the picture, is “this looks best Mommy”. OK, Friday. Off I go to make it.

The final quilt needed a design change in production so I ended up with this beeeeuuuu.teee.full top. So pretty! Don’tcha just love blue and yellow?!

It came out great, I’m so pleased. And for those of you non-quilters who want to see what the back looks like before you can’t see it anymore, ta-da…

Now you can see all those neat quarter inch seams! Off to make some binding!


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