Purple Star

The purple star wallhanging is finished! It took a long time…18 months, 17 of them just fermenting. Percolating in my brain. The star is from a pattern in a Mariner’s Compass book. It is paper pieced and I fussy cut the largest rays because they had a design I wanted to capture. Then the big circle was appliqued to the background of the same light purple. Then I had to percolate on the border. Of course I made it harder than it needed to be and I had to search for more fabric. And then the whole thing percolated while I tried to envision the quilting. During this time it was actually hanging up staring me in the face while I worked on other projects (finish ME, it kept whispering). I gave it to Cathy who quilted it beautifully. I think it needs some sparkle… maybe some crystals in strategic places. What do you think? That idea is going to ferment for awhile. It is about 30″x30″. The back is navy blue with white dots and I nearly went blind sewing on the binding: navy on navy with navy thread.


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