Cindy’s Quilt is Finished!

My very old friend Cindy (not in age but in acquaintance) (we are the same age so of course she’s not old!) commissioned me to make this quilt for her. She chose one of my designs and supplied her own fabrics and then we developed it via email (Cindy lives on the left coast and me on the right) and pictures. A little help from EQ7 during development. And then Cindy took vacation here in August to visit friends and she came over and we finalized it.

It is navy blue, white, black, and taupe. Its been hanging on my wall this weekend so I could enjoy it before saying goodbye.

Cindy also wanted a matching shower curtain valance. I forgot to ask why… (can you see the bathroom from your bedroom?). She plans to hang this over her bed instead of using a headboard. Nice idea. (and I put a surprise in the package for her)

Speaking of this weekend, what a killer for weather! Not even Halloween yet! (I’m dreaming of a white Halloween, just like the ones we never had before… sing along!) Cold Saturday with a mob scene at the gigantic grocery store. I’ve never seen it that busy. Started to snow by 4pm. At 9pm the electricity went out very dramatically… A blue flash out one window and then a loud hummmmm. Then the lights came back on (yes I am now worrying about my electronics) and then another blue flash and hummmm and then they were out for good. Laura’s air mattress and her hospital bed were now dead but her overnight feed is on battery. I piled a couple more blankets on her and on me and read my Nook for awhile. No monitor to hear her during the night but it was otherwise so quiet (just the snowplows) I could hear in the house. I decided to ride it out overnight with no heat and planned to fire up the generator in the morning but the power came back at 7 am. Yay. Turns out I was pretty luck to only have 10 hrs of powerlessness. Some kids don’t have school on Monday. A snow day on Halloween.


Image via Wikipedia

What’s this climate coming too? Global warming NOT.

Then the snowblower wouldn’t start. I shoveled the bad end of the driveway with my new shovel purchased the day b4 the storm (Did I think to check the machine, noooo). Until I was exhausted. Came in for a break and to get Laura awake and breakfasted. She was still tired, such a teenager, so she went back to sleep. Then I called my friend Cathy who came over to help with the machine. She convinced it to come alive (with a bolt of lightening, like Frankenstein)

Frankenstein for Halloween back in the day

Image via Wikipedia

and then the driveway was cleared in no time flat. I got about 5″ of the heavy wet stuff. Then the sun took over from there. I anticipate aches and pains for the next several days. (OOO my achin back! OOO that shoulder is killin!) (just had to used parentheses one more time) 🙂


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