Laura Angel Quilt

Just taking a moment here to put this lovely out into the web.

This was a guild challenge and I certainly challenged myself with it. I used new techniques and fabrics for the the wings and hair. And those butterflies are 3D which I hadn’t done before. AND her face is painted which I’ve never done before or since. There are 6 individual quilted pieces attached here: face, hair, wings, hand, feather, body, all attached to the back which was quilted before the attachments. Plus I hadn’t done the 2 sided border, cathedral window blocks, or a faced edge. I’m very happy with the outcome which is a portrait of my lovely daughter. “There will be butterflies in her heaven.” It’s been suggested to me that now that Laura’s hair is short and curly that I will have to make another quilt. ahh dunno.

I’m posting it here today to take part in the Bloggers Quilt Festival. Go there to see many many quilts.


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