Cage a oiseaux

The Birdcage. Nope nothing to do with that old movie. This is my new quilt top. Remember several posts ago I showed you some fabrics I was excited to dive into? The birds and the black and whites and the colorful solids.

I like how it turned out: colorful and modern. I used more white than I ever have! Do you see the little triangles in the corners? I put those in to look a little like bird feathers (maybe from the colorful birds?). This picture is a little dull, need more lighting. After it’s quilted I’ll take a better picture.


3 thoughts on “Cage a oiseaux

  1. Very pretty, bright and perky!I keep thinking I seen this quilt recently but this is the first time I have been to your blog. Did you post it on facebook. Love the colors with the mix of black and white. I took notice of your quilt because of the different plain color blocks. I just completed a quilt for the Robert Kauffman Kona Cotton Solid Challenge. I designed a quilt using 5″ charms using blacka and white.

    • Thank you! Yes, I posted it on fb on the Modern Quilts page. It’s a crummy picture but my camera is broken now so I can’t get a new pic posted for awhile. I looked at the flickr group for the kona challenge. Those quilts are inspiring.

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