A Modern Boston Common

Boston Common

Image by pag2525 via Flickr

Woohoo! Another new quilt finished! I love this one.

The pattern is “Boston Common” and it’s a bit complicated. It took a whole book for the instructions for it. It’s the second one I’ve made now; the first was for Melissa who loves hers. Hers was her high school graduation gift. She deserved something special for taking good care of Laura as her part time job. Laura adopted her as a big sister. Awww.

I call it a Modern because of the fresh, modern main fabric which is a significantly updated paisly. Then I just stuck with the black and white and red. No little calicos for me, no sirreebob. Love that black and white and red all around. I had some trouble with one of the reds… I ran out! It was an adventure finding a substitute. (there is no more of the original in the entire universe). The quilt is 71″x51″ and a bit bigger than what I’ve done recently. Still officially a “lap” size because it won’t cover a twin bed. It took 4 nights to hand sew the binding. That’s a lot of Law and Order.

And then here is the back which has it’s own thing going on. Used up some leftovers.

Here are a couple of closer looksee’s..

Cathy quilted it with a free hand adaptation of the paisly. Very nice work.

Any comments? I can’t hear you applauding! 🙂


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