Gift Ideas for Quilters

This is a Special Edition post for those who need ideas for gifts for their friendly quilter friend. Quilters like to make stuff with fabric, not only quilts. They always need new ideas, inspiration, and challenges. I know my eyes open wide (full engagement) when the beautiful colors of new fabric get my attention… I just have to pat it!

So here are some ideas for your creative quilter, not in any priority. The highlighted words have links to some awesome stuff.

  1. Patterns to make things from fabric. Like bags, household items, or book/ipad/phone covers or cases.
  2. Books. Something new with lots of inspiring pictures.
  3. Books about what to do with their creations or how to display them.
  4. Some fabric from a brand new line. Something up-to-date and expensive! (like this group from Lotta Jansdotter)
  5. Thread packs. Gotta have that thread to make a project hold its shape! Aurafil is the best.
  6. And of course, gift certificates! To a local quilt shop or online shop where your quilter can find the newest tool or get fabric for that new pattern.

I hope this list was helpful. If you know another crafter a similar list would probably apply.

Happy Holiday shopping! 🙂


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