Remember the needy

I’ve been very busy with holiday preparations and celebrations. And I’ve had this aching shoulder for a long time and am finally going to physical therapy for it (tendonitis). Tomorrow I will get a shot in the arm, literally, just what the dr ordered. So that’s why I haven’t posted in awhile and also why I haven’t shown you this reaaaallly happy, bright, fun quilt. It was so easy to make. Babies on the beach. It is a small quilt for my guild’s community service project this year. The Pregnancy Care Center in Haverhill is the organization we are making quilts for.

Six inch blocks, 3×6″ rectangles, 6″ strips top and bottom, and 3″ strips in the middle. So easy. Do you see the babies that I fussy cut? Very cute. And it was quilted with an under the sea pattern of shells and sea weed. I’ve been looking at it for a couple of weeks now and just love it. I’m sure the young mother and her child will too.

In this holiday season we do our best to remember our friends and family; to tell them we enjoy their company, love them, and hope the best for their future. I am also thinking of the family that will be blessed next year with the birth of a child and hoping this quilt will make them happy.

Speaking of happy, here’s Mom singing her heart out with her Senior Chorus! Just one of the events I attended recently. (She’s in the back behind the tall guy,to the left.) And I certainly couldn’t let this post conclude without mentioning how tickled I am that this blog was chosen Blog of the Week by the American Quilters Society. Woohoo!!


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