2011 was a good year for finishing some quilts. I am very happy about that. Here is a recap of the fun I had…

I have several goals for 2012. I’m used to setting goals for myself seeings as how I lived in corporate America for a ton of years. I hate to call them resolutions, tho. At least with goals I feel like I can get part of the way there and still get partial credit. And if there are extenuating circumstances, goals can change. So here they are:

  1. Take a “field trip” more often. Grab a buddy or 2 and go someplace. Try for 2 times a month.
  2. Fix up my sewing cave. I spend so much time there I think it needs some improvement and freshening.
  3. Finish at least 2 UFO’s. Its a start.
  4. Make 2 quilts for charity. One is in the works already. The one I posted about recently doesn’t count toward 2012.
  5. Set up an online shop to sell quilty stuff. This one scares me a bit.
  6. Be kind, pay it forward.
  7. Paint my bedroom. I will never show you the before picture because I am too embarassed. What I really want is new everything: carpet, furniture, bed, art, curtains, and paint. Painting is a start and doable on a low budget.
  8. Continue to give Laura the best quality of life possible.
  9. Drink more wine. It’s true, I haven’t been doing my part to support the industry.
  10. Get a job. A part-year, part-time, something to help pay the bills and so that I can complete goal #9. Unfortunately, Goal 10 will work against goals 1 thru 8. One day at a time.

Dear Reader, will you nag about me completing my goals? Or will you encourage and support me and give partial credit??

Before I close out 2011 for good wave goodbye…. I’ll put these soldiers to rest until next Christmas.


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