Folded Star

Here’s me and my #1 girl at Christmas.

#1 girl has been sick for a couple of weeks with 2 different infections so I have been busy with her and not done too much sewing. Bits here and there. She is feeling better now and will likely go to school tomorrow. Might have gone today but she was up all night dancin’ and foolin’ around. Not really. But she didn’t sleep. Maybe too much resting and not enough stimulation. Took care of that today. Hopefully we will both be sleeping soundly tonight.

I can show you pictures of a potholder I made before the illnesses. I wanted something for the wall in my kitchen and this is perfect. Saw it on another blog I follow and loved it. It’s a folded fabric star… I think it’s pretty. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Folded Star

  1. It is beautiful. I would love to know how to make it. Do you teach classes? I live in Londonderry and we have a mutual friend, Kay Mack. I am just starting to quilt again and I have no formal training.

    • Hi Emma. I don’t have a structured class but I could teach you. The Pine Tree Quilt Shop in Salem has classes and there is a quilt shop in Derry, I forgot the name, and they probably have classes too. If you would like to just make this star, I could teach you that. Let me know.

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