Mistakes Happen

Even though I was not careless, I guess I was not careFULL. I am making a mini quilt for an online swap. It is an 18″ version of the Lone Star that is the banner picture on this blog. I thought it was going along fine but the very last seam through the middle was a mess. It was absolutely not going to happen. I spent Monday morning taking parts of it apart. I tried the middle seam 3 times but no. I was making it from scraps and was almost certain that there wasn’t enough to start over. This is how it ended up…

So I cried on the shoulder of my friend Cathy, Goddess of Mini Quilts, and she reminded me of the important rules of minis, not too different from regular quilts except they must be followed to the letter. Quarter inch seam (not off by a thread), starch the beejeeziss out of the fabric, and trim to the correct size. I thought I had done all that but not careFULLY and to the nth degree. I found more pretty batiks in the scrap box and started over. I certainly hope my swap partner likes this mini when she gets it! Now it looks like this and everything worked out almost perfectly.

It will not have the offwhite as a background. It will be navy. So much better! I like it now. But I can’t get attached to it cuz I have to mail it in March. Here is a closeup of the center

And here’s the back so you can see those lovely seams! The Y seams will come next. I don’t anticipate a problem I will be careFULL! 😉


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