Mystery Solved

The mystery quilt I’ve been working on since Septemberish now has a face. And it is lovely.

I didn’t have enough space in the house to hang it for a picture so I took it outside and hung it from a tree. 20/20 hindsite says I should have just laid it on a bed. But it was nice outside. It was warm, high 60’s, and it was blustery. Down right windy, gusts to 40 mph. I carefully avoided the melting snow and mud to hang it up. It was then difficult to get a picture with all the wind and shadows.

I really love the blue and white. This is only the top, it’s not quilted yet. I have to make a back for it first.

I started to get worried that the clothespins wouldn’t hold in the gusts. It was snapping in the wind like a flag. So I took it down. It looked like it had been through the dryer!! All the outside edges were frayed!! Yikes! Note to self: Don’t do that again.

Here are the other posts about the mystery quilt project: getting started and taking shape.


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