Kickin’ It

Wow! How ’bout this for a striking new way to use up some fabric scraps?

I participated in a scrap block swap this winter run by Beth H, Eva Paige Quilt Designs, which she then turned into a wonderful new pattern. I see my green and my blue block in this quilt which is the cover for the new pattern, Kickin’ Stash. How funny is that name??! Just like Beth to call it something fun, she cracks me up.

I love this setting with it’s open spaces. She has other settings and sizes in the pattern. Kick on over to to download it. You won’t need much to get started. Get out your favorite trusty background fabric and then dive into that scrap box and start kickin’ it! This quilt is done with blocks of the same colorway. The blocks are easy. I think it would be gorgeous totally scrappy as well. Maybe with some modern contemporary prints or geometrics… hmmm.

Beth is kickin’ off this pattern this week and YOU can be one of the first to own it, try it, kick it! There are several bloggers talking about it this week so hop on over to them to see what they have to say (as well as read their cool blogs too).

Monday 3/12 – Deb Donovan

Tues 3/13 – Kelli Fannon

Wednesday 3/14 – Anna Dzik

Thurs 3/15 – Marianne  (you’re here already silly!) 

Friday 3/16 – Linda Pearl


One thought on “Kickin’ It

  1. You are awesome. Thank you for the rousing review! I’m so glad you participated in the swap and I can’t wait to see you do it in totally scrappy. It really is completely freeing that way, I found!

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