Red Berry Wreath is Done!


Berries (Photo credit: KilljoyDivine)

There has been radio silence on this blog for some time now because I have been very busy.

I am very happy to report that I have finished my challenge quilt for the show with nearly 7 days to spare. I wasn’t too stressed about finishing it but for me, this is the last minute. For projects such as this where it is a creative process with an unmapped path to the hidden treasure (the finished quilt), I don’t know how long it will take me to walk the path. Some things take longer because they need more thought or an extra step creeps in. If you remember my Laura Angel challenge quilt from 2 years ago, I finished one month ahead and that was good. Anyways, enough of the chatter. Here it is…

If you recall in my last post I showed you the raw wreath and asked for input on quilting techniques. And I heard…. crickets. With no help from you, gentle reader, I managed to scribble my way through this project. That’s my artistic technique … “thread scribbling”. Some of you may have heard of “thread painting” which has given certain quilters their star on the walk of fame. My invention (because I’ve given it a name) is a more free form, avant guarde method. In addition to the fabulous scribbling on the berries and leaves, this method allows creation of leaf and berry “ghosts”. Are they really there? Am I only imagining them? Can you find them in the pictures?

If you look closely at the picture you might be able to make out some tiny crosshatching on the lighter colored pieces. That is the tulle that I put over the wreath to hold down the raw edges. Believe it or not, I used brown tulle. I tried out different colors and brown worked best. I wanted the dark color of the berries to stay rich. Dark tulle achieves that. A lighter color washes out the red and fades it. I tried red tulle and that just made the background look pink which turned my stomach. In these closeups you will also observe the tiny shiny gold pieces. Yup, that’s the beading I did with gold seed beads. Delicate little things a little larger than impatien seeds. If you’ve started your own flowers, you’ll know what I mean. The greeting card had splotches of gold on it all over the wreath so I did that too, more delicately. It took about 3 hours just to do the beads.

Back to the thread scribbling. Yes, I could use more practice but I do like how this came out. I used a dark red thread mostly and 2 shades of green for the leaves and ghosts. The other quilting on the background was with a cream matching thread. I tried a new stippling pattern for the background that is a collection of arcs with points that change direction. You have to see it up close to understand me. You quilters will take a sharp breath when I tell you that I used about 4 bobbins of thread on this little thing.

I did an extra step of putting on a facade backing. I didn’t like the guts of my scribbling hanging out all over the back of the quilt so I covered it with another fabric back. This is something that I tried for the first time here and it was brilliant. I made the label and sewed it onto the facade and then used spray adhesive to attach the facade to the real back. Voila! It worked like magic.

One more pic at an angle to try to show the background quilting. You will also notice the precise, knife-edge piping on the edge before the binding. Beautiful. The binding is of the cream background. This picture shows the slight contrast of the binding versus the background which is the tulle doing its job. My machine’s walking foot got a workout sewing through 9 layers to attach the binding. Binding finished by hand of course.

I am proud of this wreath, artwork for sure. It’s small, 25″ across and 21″ down. It will reside in the private collection of Sheila D someday… when I’m really done with it. 🙂

Now I leave you with a picture of the disappearing cat. The fat part in the middle disappeared when touched by sunlight. Oh for it to be true for us girls!



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