Quilt Show, Day 1

I am always amazed at the results of all the hard work on Day 0. Let’s face it, it’s a middle school gym and caf that we are trying to transform into an art gallery and shop, so there is a rough start. The beauty and color of the quilts just take over the space. There is so much to see. Here are some of my favorites.

Such creative and talented people in the Merrimack Valley Quilter’s Guild! To see some more in movie form, just go here.

About half of the quilts were submitted for judging. It wasn’t mandatory. The guild hired a professional quilt judge for the day. That was done a week ago and now the winning quilts have their ribbons. The ribbons were made by some of the guild ladies using a fabric folding technique. Even if a quilt doesn’t win a ribbon, the judge makes written comments so the quilter knows what the judge liked or didn’t.

The guild challenge for this year was to make a small quilt that represented a greeting card. These quilts were judged separately. WOOHOO! and Yipee! and fist pump! My Berry Wreath won second place. I am very happy. There was stiff competition.

Friends and family came to see the show we had a good visit. Mom and Carol and I went out for lunch. This is Mom in the pic enjoying her strawberry margarita. I could use one of them about now. I am exhausted!


4 thoughts on “Quilt Show, Day 1

  1. First time I’ve missed the quilt show since we met – spent the afternoon at B&W being infused and tomorrow heading for western MA. I agree with previous comment: Your gorgeous quilt is definitely a First-Prizer!!! Congratulations, Marianne!

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