Quilt Show, Day 2

Day 2 was as wonderful as Day1. More friends came and most got a private guided tour (by me). I was quite the docent. My Birdcage quilt got a second place ribbon. The judge commented about how well the design worked to give a contemporary feel. Exactly what I was trying for! And my black and red Boston Common quilt got a vendor’s choice ribbon from the Red Barn. Well, I did get my focus fabric there… The judge liked the piecing and the fabric choices for the color. My Geisha Beauty quilt didn’t get a ribbon but the judge did say nice things about the piecing and binding and quilting (Cathy!).

This is Sheila D and me next to her new quilt. She may not get it until Christmas tho. I think I’ll take it on a show tour.

At the end of the day all the winners of the 80-some-odd penny raffle baskets were chosen and announced. (Mom won one). And the winner of the quilt raffle was chosen. (A very lucky woman from Belmont MA).

And then the show came down. Lots of help and it only took 60 minutes!!!

Pack the quilts back into their bags, put all the rented stuff in piles, pack up boxes (that now fill the back of my van, ready to take back to storage), and distribute the quilts back to their owners. VERY organized and everyone knew what to do. A.MAY.ZING. The janitor was sweeping at minute 61.


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