Puddles and anxiety

Today I was in a quilting frenzy. I had to turn on a fan cuz I was ‘gently glistening’ into large puddles. It had nothing to do with hot flashes, rather my anxiety with doing machine quilting. Last week, before the big shew, I had set up the quilt on the big frame. If you don’t know already, that by itself is a big step in the process and can take an hour or so. Keep in mind that I haven’t used this contraption in about 2 years and the dust was thick. I also had been using the table part of the frame for general messiness. Doing this quilt was a major upheaval of the sloppy room I call my studio. Anyways, the quilt was ready to start just had to spin me a bobbin or two. After staring at it for some time I finally started. I had to keep taking breaks: laundry, get the mail (involves getting in the car and driving), lunch, more laundry. Around midday it was done. It’s not a large quilt! It was only a large meander pattern! Then I needed a shower. Not really. Then I put the binding on. Ta-da! Really finished. Picture taken.Image

The dark blue is really more like navy. I used the flash.

So the story with this quilt is that it is meant for a baby, boy most likely. It is a quilt that my guild will donate this year. We’re making all baby quilts this year. This one is bigger and could be a great play mat or keep him warm well into middle school. All the fabric was donated to the guild. Some of the girls got some free patterns (this one was from All People Quilt online) and cut up fabric to make kits for the patterns. I picked up one and quickly had the top put together… back in January, ahem. A roll of batting was purchased by the guild and I got a piece. All that was left was the …. quilting. Image

It’s a pretty blanket. Came out nice.




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