This is a REAL challenge for me

I wanted to try something very modern and contemporary. Wanted to use solids. Wanted to have an architectural look in the quilt. I’m part way there.

I started with a stack of 5″ squares I got last fall. “Terrain” by Kate Spain for Moda. Nancy F was with me and might remember how my eyes widened when I saw them and how they just HAD to come home with me. Bright colors, modern patterns. I turned them into blocks with the Disappearing 9-patch method. Then they were put away so the thought could ferment. I bought a whole stack of solids at the guild auction for only 14 bucks and that added to the brew.

I cut them up and sewed them back together kind of randomly into long strips.

I thought that I would try them in long stripes with the other blocks but I didn’t like it.

Then I came up with a new block. Its really a rectangle. That has added a ton of challenge to figuring out how to pull the blocks together in a quilt. I see lots of partial seams in my future. So here’s the new block. Starts with the fancies and then adds the color block strips around. The light lavender is the plain background color.

When I had some together I went to my design floor and tried out a few arrangements. I don’t like the straight lines at all.

I think I am settling on something like this and will play with it some more.

Yes, there’s a hole in the middle!!! Looks like the perfect size for one of those fancy Terrain blocks.


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