Uber modern with most of the math correct

English: A basic, Sharp-brand solar calculator.

The last post was maybe subtitled “Now what the heck am I gonna do with these things”.

I continued on down the road I was thinking, added some more here and there, and put it all together, yes, including those partial seams I mentioned to get around the center block. But I didn’t follow through on the ‘measure twice cut once’ corollary: ‘do the math correctly’. Let’s review:

  1. Do I have a masters degree in a math-related field? yes.
  2. Do I own a calculator? yes
  3. Is it in a handy place next to my scissors? yes
  4. Can I do the math in my head or with a pencil? usually
  5. Did I do the math correctly with a pencil or calculator this time? NOPE
  6. Did I think of using the calculator and then change my mind? yup

Here is a picture of the finished top. It’s small. I like how it turned out, colorful and architectural. I made my math correction relatively easily. See if you can find it.

Because you are my cherished blog readers and I tell you most of my sewing errors (so that you will learn from them like I do), I will give you a hint… I was only off a half an inch.

Do you see it now? I think it works with the whole modern architectural design concept thingy, don’t you?

Now a brief word about drinking coffee at the computer… a couple of weeks ago I was doing just that, started to choke and cough. I did the thing you see in sitcoms, I sprayed the coffee in fine droplets everywhere in front of me! Wallpaper, desk, computer and all other small electronics, files, books, glasses, you name it. I cleaned up quickly with a handy towel. But now, 2 weeks later, fine dust and the dreaded yellow pine pollen has stuck to my computer screen in the smeers I made with the towel. What do I clean this screen with???

 And another thing, I shouldn’t be writing this while I am sleep-deprived! I’m sick of fixing my typos.


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