I’ve been busy

I haven’t posted in a long while. Number one daughter needs number one priority. So other fun things like quilting and gardening and blogging and housecleaning (ack!!) take last priority. NO way is housecleaning a fun thing in my world, I was only kidding. I lost another PCA, personal care attendant (home health aide, or certified nurses aide, by other names) so I had to find another one. That involves everything anyone would do to hire a new employee – advertise, screen calls, interviews, checking reference, paperwork, and then training. I was doing that and taking care of Laura by myself. Now I have help and she’s in training.

She has only seen a few “normal” days since she started. #1 girl has been sick a lot. First bout with pneumonia ever and this has been difficult. First there was a cold, then pneumonia, then thought she was good, then another cold, then discovered that the pneumonia was unresolved and there was a UTI and a skin yeast infection. She and I were in the hospital for 4 days last week. Exhausting for both of us. Back to the doc for followup only to find her lungs were “wet” but the pn had resolved. Oxygen saturation numbers were low and coughing difficult. Still working on this as we type. Started a new antibiotic yesterday. Is this the new normal?? 😦

I get out and water the container garden most every day. I try to bring Laura out too to see the flowers which she loves. I planted them on Memorial Day and now by Independence Day there is a bounty.

This is what they looked like back in May.. A lovely red, white, and blue arrangement…

And an experiment: strawberry plants in hanging pots. Mom said they needed 2 years in the ground before I’d get fruit. I was just hoping for some hanging leaves, thinking that they would send out runners. I co-planted them with snapdragons for color.

Now here’s what they look like… I am very happy with the progress but am thinking that they are about to outgrow their pots!

Pot on the left used “Moo Dirt”. Pot on the right just topsoil. Which do you think I’ll use again next year??

And here are the strawberries with actual BERRIES!!

Great surprise! Might get enough berries for on top of a bowl of cereal!

I was happy to see that the garden didn’t die from lack of water while we were in Boston and the days were hot and sunny.

Think of Laura during your day and send healing waves of love.


8 thoughts on “I’ve been busy

  1. So sorry to hear how sick Laura has been. You can bet I’m praying hard for her and you. I know how exhausting and worrisome those days in the hospital are for you both. Give her a big hug from me.

  2. Wow, busy is an understatement…overwhelming is what I’m thinking! The plants and flowers are beautiful lots of pretty colors and they are flourishing. Thinking of Laura and You and sending love and hugs that I hope speeds up the healing!

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