Feeling better now

 After my last post, #1 girl took a downturn and went back to the hospital as an emergency. That nasty pneumonia wasn’t cooperating and she had a mucous plug and needed oxygen. That stay, in Boston,

Skyline of Boston. Picture was taken from a wh...

Skyline of Boston. Picture was taken from a whale watching ferry that left from the aquarium dock. It is the Eastern side of the Boston peninsula. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

was a week, a full 7 days and nights. Toward the end it was kinda torture for me. She was getting better and I was getting antsy. We came home with more equipment and strict orders from the doc… chest PT every 4 hrs. She is now on a monitor with alarm for her O2 and heart rate. The Oxygen machine scrubs the room air to get rid of the nitrogen and pumps the O2 through a tube and into her nose. Cool. The first 2 weeks she had a nurse visit every morning and a PT in the afternoon.

In this pic you see a cold girl (hypothermic that evening) with 2 blankets and 2 sheets, a canula in her nose for O2, a mask on her face for her nebby (saline nebulizer), a tube for the suction machine, a tube for her formula feed, and the line for the monitor.

If you could see the display on the monitor you would see that after the nebby I was going to start PT because it showed 94 % for O2. We need better numbers than that!! Especially when she was already on oxy. This was day 2 being home. It takes a lot to care for a sick person at home.

Last week this girl turned into a grownup!!! She’s 18 now!! Here she is feeling better and not smiling on her big birthday. No cooperation for the pic. Her hair is short like Sinead

Sinead O'Connor - 03.07.2008 Jazz Fest Wien

Sinead O’Connor – 03.07.2008 Jazz Fest Wien (Photo credit: Jazz Fest Wien Team)

O’Connor. She came home from the hospital with a wicked gross gunk on her scalp. Doc gave a topical for it and I cut her hair off to help heal. I think that was the official diagnosis… WGG.

So I’m hoping we stay out of the hospital for the rest of the summer (where has it gone??).

Laura went back to school today! She had 100’s all night for O2 without supplemental O2 and she is well rested and no noise in her chest. She’ll go every other day to build up her strength (and tolerance of all the noise, home is so quiet). Thank you for your prayers and thoughts and digital hugs. They worked.

Maybe now I can start Working on some Quilts on this Side of the Hill.


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