City Gardens

It is done and I like it a lot.

I’m calling it City Gardens because it reminds me of sidewalks and curbs and the

Flower Pots at Korbel Winery

Flower Pots at Korbel Winery (Photo credit: clkohan)


occasional patch of flowers or veggies that a city dweller might cultivate for the summer. It reminds me of window boxes and pots on steps and sidewalks with a bright splash of color.

English: old handmaded marble/gneiss cobbelsto...

English: old handmaded marble/gneiss cobbelstones in Kutná Hora (Czech Republic) and road side curb of granite Deutsch: altes handgeschlagen Marmor/Gneis-Pflaster in Kutná Hora(Tschechische Republik) und Bordstein aus Granit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been wanting to try the square stippling for the quilting. It wasn’t as hard as I psyched myself. Considering my quilting machine rolls along on a square frame it helped me out. It looks like concrete sections on sidewalks or cobblestones in Boston.

The background is lavender and the dark “curbs” are dark purple.

Here’s the back of it. I used the extra strips of color blocks and a different purple.

Now that I look at it, most of the left overs were blues and greens. Huh.

So there we go. My best modern quilt so far. 😉

Cat in a flower pot

Cat in a flower pot (Photo credit: YaelBeeri)


8 thoughts on “City Gardens

  1. Marianne,
    I was so happy to receive your post today. I’ve been thinking about you and wondering when I would hear from you again and VOILA!! it’s in the mail! It’s a beautiful quilt. I like your reverse colors especially because I just bought two new doors for my house and both of them are purple. Everyone comes into the house and says PURPLE??? and I say Yes. It was my decision along with my neighbors who look at my front door everyday and they liked the purple color. So I thought I like the purple and they like the purple so get both the front door and back door done in the same color.

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