Back in the Saddle

That would be the comfy office chair that sits me in front of my sewing machine!

While you’ve been reading about the antique quilt I have actually been doing some sewing in the background. I finished 2, count ’em, 2 quilts this week and it’s only Tuesday! Off to a great start. They are 2 lap sized quilts for each of my guilds’ charity projects. One will go to the Project Linus and one to David’s House. Here’s one…DSC00369

I’ve made this style before because it is easy and looks nice. And here is Laura modeling it for me…DSC00363

No smiles on cue today.You’re lucky I didn’t post the one of her having a big cough.

And here is the other quilt, a more traditional style, and the model in her glory again.



Looks lovely next to her blue flannel sheets. BTW, these quilts are made of flannels. Some I had as left-overs from backs of other quilts and some from donated fabric. The backs of these are not flannel. I quilted them myself, which is a whole ‘nuther story. (I had some thread difficulty. I know, don’t blame it on the thread.) The bindings are flannel. I used a single fold binding method which I have never done for a quilt. I wanted to this time because the flannel is so thick. So that was, er, diferent. Anyways, they are pretty and soft and warm and perfect for those deserving kids.



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