February Redacted

I am so glad Feb is over!!

First there was L’s pneumonia, who could forget that! I sucked the most goo out of that kid. Luckily she was over it pretty quick. Then I got a cold which I haven’t had in a long time. Guess I should socialize more often. Can’t get a cold from facebook. And who could forget the damn blizzard? It took me 3 days to clear the driveway and find the front door. And then there was more snow. L’s been to or I’ve called the doc too many times that month. What about my flat tire?? That deserves a curse mention. There was also the guild UFO auction that I’ve been working on since Dec. My buds worked on it with me and we had a successful event. Thank goodness there was no precipitation that day. It was very strenuous hauling 9 large boxes of treasures from the back door to the front, up a hill, in the snow, (on a sled). Going in to March is proving a trial but that’s for another day. Through it all, I plugged away at the sewing machine.

Here is the finished top of the Scrappy Trip Around the World that I made with my left-overs. You’ll remember I gushed about that in a prior post.DSC00400

I like how it turned out. (48″ x 60″) I can’t believe that this scrap quilt created more freekin scraps! A few went back into the scrap pile and the rest will be on the back of the quilt when I get around to creating that masterpiece.

Finally I finished the tote I’ve been wanting to make. Never got the package from C.T. (remember my smartpost rant?) so I got my money back asked for my money back and went real life shopping instead of internet voodoo. This is my birthday present to me (someday in March).DSC00396

Its from a pattern called Bow Tucks Tote. Plenty big, plenty o pockets.DSC00399

I can untie the bows and make it bigger. Plenty o shopping in my future! There is my triple zip ouch inside all matchy-matchy. I think I need a matching glasses case and tissue pouch… and I have 4 new skirts for L all cut out waiting for attention. At least I gave the right address to Joann’s online, they didn’t use smartpost, and I got the fabric lickety split.



3 thoughts on “February Redacted

  1. Love your tote–agreed on sometimes buying a pattern is a good idea if you want to sail through a project (sometimes I get tired of trying to figure everything out!) I love your Scrappy Trip-A-Long. I think I like it so much because of your “stripey” fabrics in some sections which really make the eye move through the quilt. Bravo!

    And thanks for your nice comment on my Lollypop Trees quilt. I appreciate it.

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