Summer heat boredom

Wow it’s been hot this week. Bet you’ve heard that already. My basement is cool, being underground and all, and it is where I do my sewing so I have been there, did that, many times this summer. I haven’t blogged in a long while because of other priorities including non-sewing ones. It’s been hard to get help with my Sweet Laura Angel so I have been the #1 nurse for many, many days. I love being with her but when there are issues, I don’t love being by myself. Plus I can’t just pop her in the car and go off and do errands. So life is rearranged to accommodate.


I was feeling a little bored today, didn’t want to start a big project, and wanted to have something to show for my laziness. I dug into my scraps and made some coasters. Mom says she loves the ‘mugrug’ I made for her last holiday season, still using it in July. So I thought it was time for an update (and what about something for me too??) She loves how it absorbs the drips from her sweating glass of ice water. Perfect for a humid stretch. So here’s the results…DSC00485

The stack of 4, top right, is for mom. They are made from scraps of a quilt that is WIP. Top left is for me from scraps. The big butterfly is the very last scrap I had of that wonderful fabric. Now it is a large, absorbent, beverage and snack mat. The backs of the coasters look like this…DSC00486

More pretty scraps. So they are, officially, reversible.

And here is the mat put to excellent use with my diet coke and short stack. I have to note that the can cooler is over 30 years old and carefully preserved.DSC00484


2 thoughts on “Summer heat boredom

  1. That’s really brave of you, using fabric from a work in progress! I could angel-sit for an hour or two when all you need is a warm body to be in the house with Laura.

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