Tropical Warmth

These are the tropical colors I love: the greens of palm trees and grass and leaves and the gorgeous blue of the sea and sky. This is a quilt made with those colors and some easy 4-patches.DSC00468


It’s all done now. Cathy quilted it… I picked a large shell-like patter and blue thread. She did a great job, even centered the pattern in the middle row where it is very visible. This quilt was made from a kit but I changed out one of the fabrics for more interest.DSC00508

The quilt is a housewarming gift for mom when she moves to Florida in October. I showed it to her this weekend (such a tease) and she loves it. Took it back from her though so I can show off to all my quilty friends. Then I’ll ship it to her in October. Such a good daughter. 🙂

Hawaii Palm Trees 2007

Hawaii Palm Trees 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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