Challenge in Progress

I am working on the artistic challenge for my guild’s show. It is not a copy but an interpretation of a greeting card. So I held a contest with my facebook friends: I would pick one of their holiday greeting cards as the model for this challenge. I would give the winner┬áthis quilt (wallhanging) after the show. Sheila D won with her card of a berry wreath. I loved the card and thought it would give me a wonderful artistic challenge. It is in progress now, and has been for some time, and I have a shot at actually finishing it by April 26th, the day I have to deliver it to the show. I was starting to get worried.

I first cut a background piece and then drew a large circle on it. Then I starting cutting out berries from a variety of red fabrics, and some orange and pink for sparkle. Made a few leaves too. Then I cut a 2 inch wide circle of a red/pink/green batik for a wreath background. Then I started gluing everything on. Yup, glue stick. This is a raw edge applique method. I will be putting a piece of tulle over the top of everything and then quilting through all the layers. That is the next step. I welcome your ideas on how to quilt this. I’m thinking lots of free motion circles for starters.

Here is the challenge so far with the greeting card in the top corner.

And here is a closeup…

I think it is looking just like I want. The next part is the hardest for me and the most challenge… the quilting. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Maybe I should have a contest for guessing the number of berries on the wreath. Nah, then I’d have to count them!

And just for good measure, Friday the Cat thinks I should just chillax, don’t stress, it will come to me. He is a Zen Cat. He jumped up to that narrow windowsill and didn’t disturb my small rock garden sculpture. (Hampton Beach rocks of course) No, they are not glued together.