Girls need their shoes


One of Laura’s nurses is having a baby soon and when I saw this Simplicity pattern (on sale at Joanns some time ago for a buck each, no lie) I knew it would be fun and cute. Who cares if babies only wear stuff for a split second and then it’s too small. DSC00445


Soooo cute! and tiny. I told Jen she could tie a bow on them and hang them on her Christmas tree. She says, no. She will have many more baby girls who will wear them. Yes, this is her first baby and she doesn’t know yet. Know what?? Moms can chime in here.

It has been a while since I posted and in the meantime

  • I made more stuff to sell at the upcoming quilt show: large totes, baby bibs (with snaps… my latest notion purchase, snap pliers).
  • Laura was in the hospital with pneumonia so she’s on the slow road to recovery.
  • Now we have daytime nurses to take care of her
  • And I went to the MQX show in Manchester for the first time in a long time. That is the Machine Quilters Expo. 

Yes I took pix to show you. Here is the BACK of a gorgeous quiltDSC00426

and here is the frontDSC00427

It was encrusted with crystals. The centers of those blocks were large jewel-like things. This one was amazing.DSC00433

And here is a closeup.DSC00434

Really amazing quilting. More for another day.


Spring for the fall

Here we are smack dab in the middle of autumn, Halloween just days away (along with a hurricane), and I have finished a very spring-y quilt. Notice it is hanging on a tree devoid of leaves. They are calmly waiting for me or the wind to move them.

This is Lynne’s quilt. She won a basket of quilting supplies in a raffle and she doesn’t quilt. Also in the basket were these bright fabrics from a Micheal Miller line, all samples and of various sizes. So I offered to make her a quilt from them. Actually… I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them they are so pretty!

I had to be careful taking the pix because the birds are eating all the crabapples off the tree and I certainly don’t want bird poop on the quilt.

The back of the quilt uses the remainder of the sample fabrics that didn’t work on the front. (I used every piece of that bright fabric). I added the white and blue solids to the mix.

My biggest challenge was quilting with white thread on the top and blue in the bobbin and trying not to get blue “spots” on the top. (showing bobbin thread on the top). I also put one bobbin in upside down and had a brutal thread tension mess. I had to carefully pull out a whole row of quilting because of course I didn’t notice until I had rolled the quilt. That was very annoying. But it’s all better. I washed it once (and ironed it) to make sure it didn’t fall apart!

It’s all good, I like it, and it will soon be with Lynne … along with the rest of the contents of her quilting basket that I didn’t pilfer.


Fat Bottoms


Fat bottom zip bags!! What did you think I meant??

These cute bags with sleek zippers have unusual fat bottoms. Most bags I see have narrow bottoms (very stylish but not user friendly). These bags can hold larger items and still hold their shape. They are fully lined of course.

Each bag uses one fat quarter of fabric. For the 4 bags you see here I used 4 fat quarters and mixed them up a little. Gray and yellow is such an IN color combo these days. See that one on the left, I put a retro bow on it.

See that bottom? No, that’s not a butt crack, but there is a full 4 inches of width there for all kinds of sundries. I made a turquoise one to store my assortment of pins and needles, IN THEIR BOXES! Then I went wild with this pack of coordinated fabrics. I found a great place online to buy zippers cheap, Stan’s Sewing Supplies, and received them in the mail quickly. I plan to write the pattern for these cuties so stay tuned. I bet you’ll want to make a couple.